• Denice Williams - Free: The Columbia/ARC Recordings 1977-1988

    My hometown of Gary, Indiana has consistently been the birthplace of...

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  • (July 25, 2021) "Pioneers" is not too strong a word to use when describing Klymaxx, the first-of-its-kind hitmaking female band. With a killer...

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  • (July 22, 2021) We’ve been covering singer, songwriter and producer Jamie Jones since the jump at SoulTracks. The Grammy Award-winner of course made...

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  • (July 20, 2021) Unless you were born in the last decade, there is no plausible way you would have----or could have----escaped the musical legacy of The Jacksons. From...

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SoulTracks "Fresh Soul" Playlist

Soul Music Birthdays

July 27

Harvey Fuqua (1929)

July 28

Vernon Burch (1955)
DeAndre Cortez Way a.k.a. Soulja Boy (1990)

July 29

Joe Beck (1945)

July 30

Paul Anka (1941)
Kate Bush (1958)
Robert Clivilles of C&C Music Factory (1964)