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    Recording artists are often criticized for sounding alike and carving their songs out of the cookie-cutting music factory. But every so often, a vocalist comes along with a voice that is so rich, fluid, captivating, and refreshing that it draws one in and lures them to listen and take notice. Such is the case with Albright featuring Vivian Sessoms.

    Albright featuring Vivian is set to release their debut CD "Sunny One Day" on October 9, 2007 on Baby Buddha Records.
    Vivian Sessoms, a Harlem, New York native, may not be recognizable by name but listeners are no strangers to the intoxicating sound of her voice. She has been the voice behind many commercial jingles for some of the world's favorite products like Campbell's Soup, Hershey's Chocolate, Coke, Adidas and Dark & Lovely, to name a few.  Vivian is also better known for her vocal recordings and live performances with such musical icons as Michael Jackson, Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Cher, and many others including pop diva Pink at present, on her "I'm Not Dead" world
    tour.  Legendary singer Patti Austin describes Vivian's voice as making her feel as though the "heavens had opened up and rained down some of the best singing and performance style I had ever heard."

    Vivian is not only an extremely talented singer but a critically-acclaimed writer, producer and arranger as well.  Vivian, along with partner Chris Parks, has written and produced stand-out tracks for, Lalah Hathaway ("In The End", "Admit It" and "Back Then" from her last release, Outrun the Sky, on the Mesa Blue Moon imprint).  She also co-wrote and is the featured vocalist on the track "Take My Love" from the most recent David Morales release 2 World Collide on the Defmix imprint.

    "Sunny One Day" will give its listeners a different view of Vivian as the front person. Like many neo soul and soul records of today, "Sunny One Day" pays its respects to the soul music era of the 1970's but similarities end there as "Sunny" veers left of center with the unexpected pop dance track "Oh Baby," to the jazz infused "He Who Knows" to the pop ballad "Love You."

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