Aj - Evolution (2008)

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    Husband and wife team James and Andrea, better known as aj (pronounced "AHHSH"), are gifted singers, songwriters, musicians, producers and educators. Married for over 16 years, they specialize in offering an up close, personal look into relationships using their songs - some of which they have recreated and are reintroducing - weaving in some of their own personal accounts. "The idea of moving beyond the interpersonal love relationships became one of the driving forces of our music," says Andrea.

    The duo's newest release, the 14-track enhanced CD, "Evolution," is full of ballads, blues, jazz, Soul, and funk and has a beautiful flow throughout. Andrea's strong, soulful voice cascades throughout each song as James' wonderful background vocals and guitar escalate with her in rhythm. Beginning with the opening song "Evolution," the disc provides a consistent vibe, even as it varies in style. "Don't Tell Your Heart (That Lie)," "San Diego," "The Silent Voice," "Love Me Or Leave Me" are poignant songs with a Tuck and Patti/Incognito/Maysa panache. These are offset nicely by the more uptempo jazz cuts "AndJam," "Mother Nature" and"The Spirit." And the beautiful Latin piece "Para Ti Y Para Mi" (Just For You & Me) is sung exclusively in the native tongue with a remarkable Latin sound.

    On the enhanced CD, get a glimpse of the video, "I've Got 2 Fly." It displays the essence of James and Andrea's love of being and working together and in unison, and ends with an awesome jam session. "We wanted to make music whose consciousness reflects what we're living as individuals, as a married couple and as parents of two young children," says aj. Over their careers, the members of aj have had their own evolution, and their development results in another fine outing. Recommended.

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