Aries Rising

Aries Rising

    Official Biography (courtesy of Aries Rising)

    ARIES RISING is the latest release from the songwriter/producer team of bassist Anthony Beauford and guitarist Eric Washington. This debut release consists of ten soulful and powerful R&B songs with jazzy overtones. It is the result from years of writing and live performances around the metro-Detroit area. ARIES RISING is the next generation act that originated from The Aries Band that Eric and Anthony formed when they first met. All of the members of the group were born under the astrological sign of Aries! The CD opens with the project title "ARIES RISING", followed by a vocal performance by Eric on "Take You On a Ride".  

    The music that was produced by Eric Washington and co-produced by Anthony Beauford lays down a strong foundation to support the soulful voices of the two amazing vocalist of the group, Derrick Williams and Troy Hatter. Derrick and Troy do more than just sing the songs; they reach into the depths of their souls to express a powerful vibe with the music to tell the story of the lyrics that were written by Anthony Beauford. Derrick Williams, who is a formidable songwriter himself, co-wrote the lyrics and did the vocal arrangements for the song; "I Saw Your Car (at the hotel)". Also included are instrumental versions of two songs that will be released as singles at a later date. These songs are "At the Café" and "Ascension". Other songs on this CD are; "Lonely Days...Sleepless Nights", "One of a Kind" and "Project 69", which Troy Hatter is the performing vocalist. Derrick Williams is the performing vocalist on "I Saw Your Car (at the hotel)", "Sunny Day" and "He Knows". The track "Lonely Days....Sleepless Nights" was inspired by and dedicated to President Barack Obama.  

    Eric Washington - Songwriter, producer, arranger, lyricist, guitarist, lead vocals, background vocals, keyboards, drums

    Anthony Beauford - Songwriter, producer, arranger, lyricist, bassist, background vocals

    Derrick Williams - Songwriter, lyricist, arranger, lead vocals, background vocals

    Troy Hatter - Songwriter, lyricist, arranger, lead vocals, background vocals

    Keir Ward - Keyboards, Musical consultant

    Dennis Washington - Engineer, Technical consultant

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