Tony Adamo

Tony Adamo

    Official Biography (courtesy of Tony Adamo) 

    Tony Adamo, a former radio announcer, turned Hollywood agent, turned singer/songwriter was born in San Francisco, California. His family has strong ties to the Bronx and Brooklyn, New York. Adamo's writing career actually started during his tour of duty during the Gulf War. The 15-hour workdays that involved loading missiles and bombs on ships were exhausting but, he found that the exotic scenery enticed him to write. Having been a songwriter for many years, he began creating music about his experiences in the Middle East. Although these songs were never recorded, Adamo found writing set him on his path for what was to come.

    In later years, during a recording session, a musical friendship was sparked when a member of the group, Cold Blood, arranged for Mic Gillette and Skip Mesquite, Tower of Power original members, to record with Adamo. Mic later introduced him to Stephen "Doc" Kupka, co-founder of Tower of Power and owner of Strokeland Records.  Over the next few years "Doc," Mic, and Skip recorded on Adamo's CD's, DANCE OF LOVE, STRAIGHT UP DEAL and the current WHAT IS HIP.  During one of these recording sessions "Doc" Kupka suggested to Adamo and his producer, Jerry Stucker that they take a listen to several TOP hits to cover. "Doc" felt Adamo's voice would fit right into the groove.  The two decided on "This Time It's Real" and "What is Hip." Doc was knocked out when he heard the new music productions for both songs.

    The horn section for Adamo's new cover of "This Time It's Real" is made up of current TOP members: Stephen "Doc" Kupka, Tom Politzer (solo) and returning Tower of Power member, Mic Gillette, who wrote the horn arrangement for the remake. "Doc" Kupka and jazz great, Eddie Henderson make up the horn section on "What is Hip."

    Tony Adamo has been blessed and is truly humbled to have worked with some of the top talent in the music biz today to include: Al Schmitt, Erik Zobler, and Ed Cherney, (recording engineers); Ron McMaster, (mastering); funk and jazz musicians, Mike Clark, Paul Jackson, Reggie McBride, Eddie Harris, Ernie Watts, Blackbyrd McKnight, Bill Summers, Steve Gadd, Neil Larsen, Freddie Washington, Robert Quintana, Melecio Magdaluyo, Henry Hung, Sandy Griffith, Richie Goods, Jerry Stucker, Rodney Franklin, James Gadson, Kenneth Nash, and members of the Tower of Power horns. Adamo continues to write and explore music in the heavy gravity of soul-jazz held down by a deep funk groove. Tony Adamo is a Strokeland Record Artist.